Letter To Autumn ||| 2

Dear Autumn,

It’s when you finally arrive that the weight of the world finally dawns on me. I’m able to see all that i’ve done in the space of a year and then ask myself – where has the time gone? This year i’ve done so many incredible things and yet I feel like i’ve witnessed it all before I even think about it.

Why is it that time passes so quickly and yet I do not see it until you and I walk hand in hand. So few months are left of this year and it leaves me with terrifying thoughts – what comes next? So many things have happened and have passed before I can even acknowledge them. Already i’ve been at my dream drama school for three weeks and they have passed in the blink of an eye. Will three years be the same? Will it all be over before I can truly enjoy it?

So hold me tightly, autumn, keep me in your cool embrace so that i can always remember what I have done and never allow me to forget a moment of it.


Book Total of 2016 – 78



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