Letters To Autumn ||| 15

Dear Autumn,

Since being ill I’ve found that I haven’t wanted to read. I know it’s because I’ve feeling really sorry for myself and just wanted to curl up and watch films but now i’m well again I just haven’t wanted to read. The book i’m reading isn’t the best … well it’s fairly slowly and I’m sure it gets better but I just haven’t wanted to read it. I don’t know if I need change books or something maybe I just don’t want to read this certain book or something but it feels like I’m entering a slump. Please no!

This time last year I entered a slump and I hated every moment of it because I couldn’t read and I need to read my books. I won’t force myself, obviously, because then I really will go into a slump.

Any suggestions, Autumn?


Book Total of 2016 – 82



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