Letters To Autumn ||| 16

Dear Autumn,

Why is it that as soon as I want to do something, I realise the amount of work that’s required and I get terrified.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year and so that I can spend the majority of my time writing that for the month, i’m writing most of my blog posts for the rest of this and next month in advance. I thought that that was really good idea; i’d be able to just sit back and write when November came along and only have to upload things on here. But then I realised the amount of work that that would entail. I upload at least three things a week and that adds up. To a lot. I have to plan so many things before I write them and there just isn’t enough time in the week and now I’m writing things that aren’t even to do with nano or blogging because I’m the Queen of Procrastination!

Why do I do this to myself, Autumn? Why? Please make me do this or else next month I will be in a proper panic situation. Please help me, Autumn.


Book Total of 2016 – 82



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