Letters to Autumn ||| 17

Dear Autumn,

Close to two months has passed since I started this life, London and performance. It’s been an amazing experience thus far and I’ve loved every moment of and yes, there are times when I just want to be at home and live in the normality of everything. But then I realise just how much I’ve grown in this few weeks, how i’ve changed into a better person and though I’m still some what lacking in confidence I’m finding easier each day to talk to new people and am forming greater bonds than anyone could expect.

Last week when I was ill, all I wanted was to be at home and I felt like giving up and just ringing my parents to bring me home. But I pushed through it and i’ve bounced back as it where and I’m loving these new experiences. And although I do make a bit of a fool of myself – particularly in improv because I’m awful at improvising – it doesn’t set me back like it would have done a couple years, days, even months ago. I’m not thinking how stupid I must have looked because it’s a learning scenario and that’s all that really matters.

It rained earlier, really rained – thanks for that, by the way. And where I would have usually been running for shelter, shielding my hair. I released the frizz and just stood in it for a few moments; laughing. I love the rain because it does lift my emotions but I’ve never like I truly accepted it until earlier this afternoon.

Maybe you and I are becoming even closer, Autumn, as I become a new person.


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