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Writing Days ||| 2

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a type writer and bleed.”

– Ernest Hemmingway

Two and a bit weeks to go till NaNoWriMo starts. Are you ready yet? Today I thought I’d talk about my survival kit to help me get through the month since 1st November is quickly approaching.

The main thing I need when I’m writing is my laptop because I write predominately on there. It’s handy because I can easily delete sections and I can take it all with me in a relatively light weight way instead of a bulky note book. As well as this I take a memory stick with me where ever I go because that’s how I save my novel. At the end of each week I upload my full copy to my google drive too so that I have something backed up in case everything goes wrong.

Even though I do work mainly on my laptop I do have several notebooks. One of which is my plan notebook that has every little thing about my novel that I need to know from characters to the world to the plot. But when I’m out and about I’ll have a notebook so I can write some random thoughts or scenes down. Also if I’m having trouble trying to write a scene then I find it a lot easier to pick up a pen and a notebook and I feel freer to express my opinions. I know that probably sounds really weird but that’s how I write some times.

I’ve got a writing playlist so that I can completely ignore the rest of the world if my flatmates want to be loud or those above or below me are being extremely loud then I can wash it away with my playlist and some head phones. Head phones for me are an essential because I can be just sit in my own little bubble without really hearing what anyone else is doing. So if I want to write without disruptions then that’s a must have for me. My playlist is made up of songs from film and tv soundtracks because they can’t distract me with lyrics and they’re really motivational!

Another thing for getting into a good writing mindset, I find, is to be comfy. For me that means showering and putting on some leggings or pyjama bottoms and a jumper or something. That just means that I’m more comfortable and fresh so I can step away from the busy mind that i’ve had for the day and just concentrate on my writing.

And then there are the snacks. For me this can either consist of fruit or sweets – there’s no happy medium. Just something easy and not messy to pick when I’m in the middle of work  sprint. Also, I usually have tea or juice and water near me at all times so that I can stay hydrated.

Oh, and on the wall in my room there’s a list of quotes surrounding my NaNoWriMo writing calendar for this year. I’m going to print off another one of these for December since i’m aiming for 100,000 words but this simply allows you to write down your word count for each day in physical form. Yes, I always update on the NaNo website but this just acts as visible inspiration. I got this calendar from davidseah.com/productivity-tools. And it’s really really helpful (oh and free, did I mention that it’s free?)

So that’s my NaNoWriMo survival list thing for this year.

Anything you think I’ve missed with little over a week to go that you think I may need? If so, feel free to let me know.

Also, who else is taking part in NaNoWriMo this year and would like to be writing buddies, let me know that too!


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