Bookmas 2016

Review ||| Winter’s Snow, by Carrie Hope Fletcher ||| Blogmas Day 5

What You Need To Know:

Title: Winter’s Snow

Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher

Number of Pages: 41

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Magical Realism

Series/Standalone: Spin off Novella of ‘On The Other Side’

Publisher: Little Brown Books

Publication Date: 15th November, 2016

Rating: ****

The Plot:

Evie Snow was the love of Vincent Winters’ life, and every lifetime he would ever live, but they didn’t get the ending they wanted. He never stopped loving her though, and never, ever, forgot about her.

Suddenly Vincent has the chance to right an old wrong and to prove himself worthy of Evie’s love – he just needs to get to her first.

As Vincent begins the journey of a lifetime, he learns more about life and love than he ever thought possible, and somehow, someway, he may also find his way back to the only woman he ever truly loved.

My Thoughts:

When I finished reading ‘On The Other Side’ I wanted to know if Vincent had to go through the same thing as Evie so that they could be together again. And that’s what this novella was. But to me, it all just felt a little bit rushed. I read it in less than half an hour and of course it made me gush. But it just happened so quickly. I know that it’s a novella so it isn’t going to have loads of detail but it just didn’t like there was enough there. I really wanted to see more and to get to know Vincent’s character to the same extent as I got to know Evie.

It was adorable and had the same beautiful quality as the main book. But it just wasn’t quite right.


Book Total of 2016 – 95



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