Bookmas 2016

Long Days and Back Pains ||| Blogmas Day 6

I had a long day. Like really long. Like I left at 7:55 and walked in three minutes ago! It would have been alright but then some lessons were cancelled. Yeah. So I went in this morning and had a class at 9 till 11 and then my next class has finished for the term so I had a 3 hour gap. Then I had a class from 2 till 4 and then I usually have an hour and a half gap before a lecture and this week I was having a 15 minute meeting after this at 7;45. But my lecture was cancelled. So I was waiting around for about 3 hours!!!!!!

And my backs been bad today so i’ve felt very unchristmassy!

But hey I got loads of time to write and i’ve now figure something out that will almost completely alter the end of the book so …. yay!


Book Total of 2016 – 95



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