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Reading, Writing and Blogging Goals ||| 2017

The beginning of a new year is upon us and that means one thing: resolutions. Now i’m like so many other people out there with my resolutions, I never really stick to them. The only one that I did manage to do last year was my Goodreads challenge which was to read 50 books and since I’m on my 100th book, I think I managed that one. But this year, I’m going to take note and halfway through the year I’m going to let you know how i’m doing.

I’ll briefly mention my ordinary day to day resolutions that I try to stick to. They barely ever change really. Just the same four things: exercise more, smile more, take more pictures, socialise more. Who knows if i’ll achieve them. Hopefully I will but who knows.

Reading Goals:

I’ve got quite a few this year and I’m kind of hoping I’ll be able to complete all of these this year.

Goodreads Challenge. 

It can’t be just me who finds the Goodreads challenge so motivating. I’ve only done one before but I aced that so I’m definitely doing it again this year. This time i’m going for 80 reads because i’ve managed 101 books in 2016 so 80 is nothing really; right?

Cut Down My TBR

At the minute my tbr pile is at about 150 books (I’m not sure how many unread books i’ve got at uni/drama school since i’m home at the minute) but I want to cut that down to 100 books. That’s ten less books than my goodreads challenge so I think it’s probably do able! Yes, i’ll probably buy a lot of books over the year but at least i’ll finally be able to get through some of the books that have been on my shelf for years.

Five Before You Buy 

To help with the cutting down of my tbr I’m going to try and stick to the read five before you buy challenge. This means that before i’m allowed to even think about buying a book (unless it’s to do with my course, of course), i’m going to have to read five books. I tried and failed to do this last year about half way through the year but I started on an odd number so it didn’t really work. But this year I am determined to stick to it!

Read More Diversely 

This is something that has been going around booktube a lot lately. So many books have white, straight male protagonists and I just want to read from different cultures about things that I don’t know a lot about. Diversity is needed in this day and age; and who am I to deny myself it?

Read More Classics

This year I’m going to try and read a classic a month. I love them so much but I never read them because of how much effort it takes to read them. Well not effort, just you have to digest them slowly. But I love them so it’s worth it.

Finish More Series 

There are so many series that I’ve started but never finished. I know I’m not the only one out there who does that but still it kind of annoys me, more time passes and then I begin to forget what happened so I have to go back and reread the different series. It just ends up getting really annoying. So this year I plan on finishing as many series as possible.

Blogging Goals:

Three Posts a Week 

Now this is my usual uploading system but I’ve failed these past few weeks so I’m going to try and stick to this upload system for the remainder of the year. This will consist of a review or recommendation on a Monday, a Top Five Wednesday on a Wednesday, and a random post on a Friday.

Uploaded Seasonal Hauls 

Since i’m only allowed to buy a book for every five books read (as mentioned above) then I think a seasonal haul should work right. The only time I’ll do one that doesn’t fit this time line is for a holiday (like Christmas or my birthday) when I’ve been given some extra books.

Getting Involved

I want to get to know other book bloggers and book tubers. I feel all alone here at the minute so I want to get to know more of the people there who share the same loves as me! So i’m going to try and get more involved with the rest of the community through both this, goodreads, instagram and twitter!

Writing Goals:

Monthly Updates

Since Mid October I started uploading weekly writing updates. That worked because i was writing every day because of NaNoWriMo but i’ve almost finished my book (I plan to finish it by the end of the year) so I’ll be having a little break whilst someone proof reads the first draft and then i’ll be into editing so there won’t be as many things to let you know about. So I think a monthly update should work just fine.


By the end of the year I want to complete at least two more drafts. I’m getting initial feedback in a few weeks and then once the second draft is done someone else will give me some feedback. After that both these volunteers (who don’t know each other) will then read the third draft. And then who knows what’ll happen from there.

What plans do you have for 2017? I’d love to know!


Book Total of 2017 – 0



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