Top Five Wednesday

Top Five Wednesday ||| Favourite Non-Written Novels

It’s Wednesday and that means one thing, time for another top five Wednesday!

Top Five Wednesday was created back in November of 2013 by Lainey from gingerreadslainey on Youtube. It’s a weekly meme that revolves around various (usually bookish) topics.

This weeks topic is my five favourite non-written novels. This could be a manga or a audiobook or graphic novel. I think i’ve slightly cheated a little bit because i’ve included a book of poetry but hey, they didn’t say I couldn’t.

So, let’s begin.

The Northern Lights (audiobook), written and narrated by Phillip Pullman 

I listened to this audiobook last year and I fell in love with it and it was a couple of hours into it that I realised it was actually narrated by Phillip Pullman. I think this was the first audiobook that I ever listen to, if I remember correctly, and it really is the best that i’ve listened to. Not only was it narrated by the author, himself, but it also had a full cast of actors voicing ever character. It felt like how the film should have been and it kept my attention for hours on end.

Mr William Shakespeare’s Plays (graphic novel), by Marcia Williams 

This graphic novel, I think, was my first time seeing anything related to Shakespeare. I treasured it for years and it I think it started off my love for Shakespeare. It showed off seven of the plays (I can’t remember which plays now) and introduced me to this world without the complex, Elizabethan language. Oh and there were characters in the margins that were talking about what was going on and they just amused me for hours. A great way to introduce children to Shakespeare.

The Walking Dead (comic), by Robert Kirkman 

I’ve not read loads of these, just little extracts but I still really enjoy them. They are gory and interesting and have a really diverse cast of characters. There’s not a lot that I can say because they are really interesting and if you haven’t picked up the first volume yet, then please do.

Feminine Gospels (Poetry), by Carol Ann Duffy 

I don’t know if this is cheating but I didn’t class this as an actual novel because I was studying it for English and it sort became alienated from it. But the poetry in this book is brilliant and I really think more people should have a look at it. I mean she is the Poet Laureate at the moment.

Attack on Titan (Manga), by Hajime Isayama 

I know i’ve been talking about this a lot at the moment but I really do adore this manga. I’ve only read two volumes but I can’t get enough of the world and the characters.

What are your favourite non-written books? And do you think I cheated slightly with Feminine Gospels? I mean, it’s not really cheating, right?


Book Total of 2017 – 11



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