NaNoWriMo Week One Update

It’s November and that means one thing: time to spend endless hours in front of my laptop as I try to write as many words a day as possible. Yep, it’s NaNoWriMo time. For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and the aim of the month is to write 50,000 words towards your novel.

I realised that I hadn’t actually announced that I was taking part in NaNo so … I’m taking part in NaNo. I’m still working on my WIP which I’m calling, for the time being, Red as Blood. But this time I’m working on the second act. The act that has had me stumped for three months! There’s nothing like the pressure of NaNo though to get you out of writers block.

So I thought I’d do a little weekly update to tell you how i’m getting on. Shall we begin?

Day One – Wednesday 1st November:

Now Wednesdays are an odd day for me, because I have a mixture of classes throughout the day with a fair few breaks and the gym was closed so the hour and a bit I usually spend at the gym was spent in the library writing. There was just something about sitting on the silent floor, head phones in and surrounded by the sounding of typing keyboards: I broke through the rut i’d been stuck in. I was finally able to write the prologue and first chapter of act to that had kept me stuck for days. Not to mention an additional chapter after that. I ended up writing a whopping total of 8140 words. I’m not sure how I managed it but I ensured that I was ahead, the perfect plan just incase there are a few days when I can’t write that much.

Thus bringing my NaNo total to 8140.

Day Two – Thursday 2nd November:

On a Thursday I have one class and then I go to the gym for anything from an hour to two hours. So, theoretically, I had loads of time to write. I planned to spend all day writing but instead, I fell into the thrall of books and youtube. There are worse things to fall into but still, I was slightly disappointed in myself. I ended up writing 2035 words which is still above the daily word count but it wasn’t the amount that I wanted to blitz through, to ensure that I was even further ahead than I am now.

This bought my total up to 10,175.

Day Three – Friday 3rd November:

I have a fair few classes on a Friday so I didn’t expect to do that well. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I managed to pour out 2036 words. Not bad.

Because of it I hit 12,211 words on my  NaNo total.

Day Four – Saturday 4th November:

This was double donation day. The plan for this is to double up your word count and I honestly planned on doing this. But I started watching Stranger Things and the new episode of Riverdale. And I just ended up getting distracted. I was able to write 4,427 words though. However I did finish the second section in my second act so there’s cause to celebrate!

This allowed my word count to hit a whopping 16,638 words.

Day Five – Sunday 5th November: 

Sundays are typically the day that I prep all myself for the week ahead and do any outstanding work. So I knew that I wasn’t going to get shedloads of writing done. I also had to write several blog post for the month ahead since I want to try and keep my normal blogging schedule. Yet I was still able to write 1786 words. 

This bought my Week One NaNo total to 18424 words. Which Isn’t that bad for five days. I’m supposed to be at 8,333 words so i’m 10,095 ahead of schedule. A nice comfort to fall on just in case of some days that are sure to happen in the future.

Now for my novel as I whole, my word count is sitting pretty at 54169 words. Not bad at all, considering that I’m only a few chapters into act two. Speaking of, I wonder if I can get act two to 80,000 words or if that’s just a dream.

How are you doing if you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo? I’d love to know. Also what’s you NaNo name? Can we be writing buddies? I’m IAMAGEEKINGGINGER. Let’s start a word war together.


Book Total of 2017 – 129



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